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Infrastructure as Code

Cloud platforms are the cornerstone of a revolution in how we manage infrastructure. The ability to provision just-in-time infrastructure programmatically means that we are now able to "program" our infrastructure requirements to meet immediate and future needs.

Infrastructure as code is the tooling and languages that allow us to interact with IaaS, PaaS and Saas Cloud platforms to provision and manage infrastructure.


Infrastructure as code (IaC) blueprints provide common, reusable code that may be used in multiple architectures. Blueprints provide a number of benefits.


They allow us to abstract the details specific to a platform or environment such that we only need to configure the instance-specific details.


By using higher-level constructs like blueprints to compose architectures we also inherently improve the portability of an architecture, both within and across different platforms.

Blueprint-based architectures are more easily replicated in different environments as they are easier to duplicate. (*)

(*) Some blueprints may not be replicable across all platforms, but generally Cloud concepts are transferable across multiple platforms.


We can use blueprints to provide sensible defaults as applicable to platforms and environments we manage.


Blueprints provde a way to enforce standards and governance around aspects such as security, cost and availability.